Trauma Therapy: Common Concerns

Young woman sitting by a window looking out pensively. PTSD treatment does not have to be scary. Our online PTSD therapist in Ohio is here to gently guide you through the process.

One common concern I’m repeatedly hearing is that folks think treatment will somehow make things worse. PTSD is a disorder that worsens over time, and the more that you avoid dealing with it, the worse it becomes and the longer it lasts. With that said, the symptoms of avoidance can be the very symptoms maintaining your PTSD and preventing you from taking the leap into getting help you need.

Why is a PTSD Assessment Important?

Catoon of a woman talking to a therapist sorting out her thoughts. An assessment is a helpful tool to determine what level and tpye of trauma therapy you need.

Without a good assessment, it’s impossible to know which treatment you may benefit most from and why. Learn why a thorough assessment is the first step in PTSD treatment.

What is PTSD?

Tiles spell out PTSD next to a small plant. PE therapy is shown to help treat PTSD effectively. Prolonged exposure therapy in Ohio is available to help!

We hear the term “PTSD” often, but what is PTSD? Here’s the breakdown of the trauma that can lead to PTSD and its related symptoms.

PTSD Screen

Collage of different types of silhouettes of people in red, white, and blue. PTSD can impact anyone, its not picky!An online PTSD therapist in Ohio is here to help anyone struggling with PTSD.

If you find yourself struggling or not feeling yourself, it’s natural to try to figure out what is going on. Sometimes these struggles show up after trauma and you may be questioning if you may have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. I talk about PTSD as a disorder quite a lot in my work as … Read more