Self-Care Sunday: Music

Hello and Happy Sunday! I hope that your week was a meaningful one. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the first blog in the “Self-Care Sunday” series, you can read it and the others here on my blog. If you have, how is the gratitude practice going so far? What have you noticed?

Today I’m going to challenge you to take care of yourself by listening to some of your favorite music. Some of your favorite happy music.

Music has a way of instantly changing our moods. It can be uplifting, motivating, calming, or even depressing. I know many of us have different playlists for different activities. My “road trip” playlist is a lot calmer than my “workout” playlist, which is different from my “relax” playlist. Music has been used to help treat depression and anxiety because of the positive effects it can have on mood. Music changes the activity in the brain, and certain neurotransmitters are released and can change your emotional state.

Do you ever hear an old song and you’re then instantly back to when you first heard it? Music has a strong connection to memories!

Right now, I want you to think of a song that instantly makes you think of a happy time in your life. Maybe it was from childhood, maybe something from your teen years, or maybe even more recent. I want you to spend some time listening to that song/artist/album for at least 20-30 minutes today and note how you feel before you listen, during, and after. If you are already in a good mood, you’ll likely notice even more of a boost. If you have been feeling down, sad, or anxious, music can be very powerful in invoking new, positive emotions and can help you to feel better.

What is your feel-good music? I’d love to know!

Take care,