What To Expect During PTSD Treatment

A young man works one on one with a Trauma Therapist in Ohio during PTSD Treatment to address past trauma.

Recognizing the need for trauma-focused treatment can be overwhelming. As you research, you will see that there are different options available to you. Here at Thrive, we are only concerned with providing evidence-based, results-focused treatments to help you minimize trauma-related symptoms and get to living life how you’d like to be living it.  Trauma Affects … Read more

When to Seek Treatment After the Loss of a Loved One to Suicide

A young woman sits wrapped in a blanket while she struggles to overcome the loss of a loved one to suicide. Get the support you need to find peace after suicide with PTSD Treatment in Ohio.

Losing a loved one to suicide is an incredibly painful experience. It can leave lasting wounds on the heart and mind. We understand that the journey through such complex grief is unique for everyone. Seeking treatment can be a vital step in the healing process. It’s important to recognize that there is no specific timeline … Read more

Understanding Grief: Common Reactions to Losing a Loved One to Suicide

A woman tries to process her feelings of Survivors Guilt after losing a loved on to suicide. You are not alone. Reach out for support from a Trauma Therapist in Ohio today.

Over the years, as a trauma therapist, I’ve worked with many patients who’ve lost a loved one to suicide. Losing a loved one is one of life’s most profound and painful experiences. When that loss occurs due to suicide, the grieving process can become even more complex and challenging. Today we will explore the common … Read more

Self-Diagnosing PTSD Through Social Media: More Harm Than Good

A woman tries to self-diagnose herself on social media which can be detrimental. Get help from a professional trauma therapist in Ohio today.

Today’s world is more interconnected than it has ever been. Social media platforms have become a hub for sharing experiences, personal stories, and even mental health struggles. While it’s essential to promote open conversations about mental health, self-diagnosing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) based on social media posts can be misleading and potentially harmful. Today, we’ll … Read more

Online PTSD Treatment for New Yorkers

A woman listens to her Online Trauma Therapist through her head phones during an Online Trauma Therapy Session in New York.

Living in New York can be an exhilarating experience. However, it can also be challenging, especially for those who have faced trauma and are living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In a city that never sleeps, seeking help for PTSD might seem like an overwhelming task. Fortunately, online PTSD therapy has emerged as a lifeline … Read more

Consultation For Cognitive Processing Therapy

Jenn Simpson, Cognitive Processing Therapy Consultant in the United States.

I was recently asked how I have the experience I do providing CPT, and my answer is always the same: it was expert consultation for over 11 years! I began as a new therapist in a PTSD clinic at the VA, and we ran both residential and outpatient programs where CPT was delivered regularly. Trauma … Read more

What To Expect After PTSD treatment

Morose woman leans against a railing by a window representing someone just starting their journey to healing with PTSD Treatment in New York.

So much information online (and on this website) speaks to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, its symptoms, the toll it takes, the pain it causes, and the relationships it can ruin. PTSD is a disorder that worsens over time and is exhausting. However, PTSD is a treatable condition and I’d like to talk about some … Read more

The Power of Online Trauma Therapy

A man utilizes his laptop for online trauma therapy in Kentucky.

Healing Through Screens: The Power of Online Trauma Therapy In today’s fast-paced, digitally connected world, the boundaries of therapy and healing have expanded beyond the confines of traditional face-to-face sessions. Online trauma therapy has opened up new avenues for individuals to seek help, share their stories, and embark on a journey of healing from the … Read more

The Dark Side of Benzodiazepines: Examining their Negative Impact on PTSD and Anxiety

A red headed woman sits by the window dealing with the effects of PTSD. Online PTSD Treatment in Ohio, Kentucky, and New York is here to help.

Benzodiazepines, PTSD, and Anxiety Benzodiazepines are a class of medications commonly prescribed for the management of anxiety disorders. Sometimes, they will also be prescribed for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They can provide temporary relief from symptoms. However, it is crucial to understand the potential negative impacts associated with long-term benzodiazepine use. Today, we explore the … Read more

Recognizing the Signs of PTSD After Sexual Assault

A young Black woman lies in bed snuggling with her pillow representing someone who has overcome sexual trauma through Therapy for Sexual Assault Survivors in Ohio.

The words “sexual assault” can feel very heavy, removed, and clinical. Boiled down, it is any unwanted sexual activity against a person without their consent. It includes a wide range of actions, including unwanted touching, kissing, penetration, and other forms of sexual contact. This is almost always accompanied by intimidation, coercion, or force. This is … Read more