Childhood Trauma Survivors

Woman holding a cup of tea looking out the window representing someone contemplating past childhood trauma and the need to address it through Therapy for Childhood Trauma Survivors in Ohio to move forward in life.

I see you. And I believe you. Let’s start there because it’s important.

If you’ve survived childhood trauma, including childhood sexual or physical abuse, you’ve often gone unseen, unheard, or unbelieved. Maybe you’ve spoken out. Or maybe you’ve kept it in. Either way, you did not deserve what happened to you. You also are not defined by what happened to you.

Common Experices After Childhood Trauma & Abuse

Many of my clients say they’ve gotten through life trying to stay under the radar. And most consider themselves perfectionists and a people pleasers. Anything to not rock the boat, to avoid unwanted attention. You probably seem like you’ve got it all together to outsiders, but inside, it feels far from it.

You Struggle to Understand Who You Are

Maybe you struggle with knowing who you are or what you believe in. Additionally, you may be hyper-independent, but in the same breath, need constant validation and reassurance. Since you’ve learned to rely on no one but yourself, it’s tough to fully trust anyone with anything. Maybe you have a complicated relationship with your body and your sexuality, and this makes it hard to be fully present in relationships.

You Constantly Put Others Needs Above Your Own

Perhaps you might feel yourself constantly putting everyone else’s needs above your own, but no one seems to reciprocate. Boundaries? What are those? And when is the last time you made a decision in which you actually felt confident? It’s tough to sit with your emotions, so you likely do whatever you can to avoid emotions altogether.

You May Find Yourself Running From Your Memories

It can be tough to keep all of those painful and shame-filled memories out of your mind. So, you find yourself exhausted from trying to run from it all of the time. But, you’ve had enough. And you know that there has to be another way.

Pink lotus flower blooming representing the new life that can come from trauma when it overcome with Therapy for Childhood Trauma in Ohio.
Close up of a large green leaf representing the new life and growth that can come with Therapy for Sexual Assault Survivors in Ohio.

Therapy for Childhood Trauma Can Help

That’s where therapy for childhood trauma comes in. Your past abuse has taken enough from you, and it’s your turn to get relief from the hurt you’ve been carrying. PTSD treatment can help you create the life you want to live. As a PTSD treatment provider at Thrive Therapy, Inc., I treat PTSD in survivors just like you.

My therapy work is evidence-based, results-focused, and hope-filled. I am excited to jump in and do this tough work alongside you. And the PTSD treatments used in therapy are well-researched and effective. I’m not interested in helping you to learn to live with your symptoms, I’m interested in helping you learn to live without them.

My Approach to Healing from Childhood Trauma & Abuse

Since 2007, I’ve worked with survivors just like you. What can you expect from treatment? My clients tell me that they no longer carry around the guilt and the shame that has weighed them down for years. What would that be like if you didn’t have to carry that any longer? If you struggle with a negative self-image, you will notice this improvement. You can have less anxiety, worry, and fear. And you can have a better relationship with your body when it comes to body image and sexuality. An improved sense of trust, both in yourself and in those around you. More power and control over your mind, your emotions, and your future. Really, nothing is off-limits once childhood trauma no longer controls you. All of this is possible, you just need the right tools to get you there.

Greenery setting in a vase on a bedside table. Learn the skills to face and overcome childhood trauma with Therapy for Childhood Trauma Survivors in Ohio and start living your best life.
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Get Started with Therapy for Childhood Trauma in Ohio, Kentucky, or New York

As much as it may feel like it, you are not alone. Hope and healing are possible. As specialized PTSD clinicians with years of experience, we have seen people heal from the effects of childhood abuse. Living an authentic, fulfilled life is attainable! My therapy practice is located in Ohio, but we can work with anyone in the state of Ohio, Kentucky, or New York using online therapy. Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Reach out to me by scheduling a 15-minute video consultation.
  2. Meet with me to see if Thrive is a good fit for your therapy needs.
  3. Start healing from your past and creating a fuller future.