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So much information online (and on this website) speaks to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, its symptoms, the toll it takes, the pain it causes, and the relationships it can ruin. PTSD is a disorder that worsens over time and is exhausting. However, PTSD is a treatable condition and I’d like to talk about some expectations you can have after treatment. Hopefully, this helps to build some hope that PTSD does not have to be a life sentence.

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What is PTSD?

First and foremost, here’s a quick refresher on what PTSD is. Remember: PTSD is not simply having a trauma history. PTSD is a current collection of symptoms based on past trauma. I think of it as keeping you stuck, unable to recover, and keeping the past in your present. These symptoms interfere negatively with your life and that’s why it’s called a “disorder”.

PTSD Leaves You Feeling Isolated and Alone

I know seeking PTSD treatment can be scary. Furthermore, just reaching out to someone requires a great deal of strength and courage. Often, after just meeting someone for a consultation call, they express relief just in knowing there are effective treatments for PTSD. This disorder often leaves us feeling isolated and alone and having someone “get” it can be exciting (and maybe terrifying!). When I think about treatment for PTSD and my patients over the years, I think of results-focused, time-limited, highly effective work to provide a foundation for healing, building resilience, and making way for post-traumatic growth.

PSTD Thoughts Are Often Automatic

PTSD has a way of robbing you of a solid foundation. Our thoughts are often automatic and reactive leading to strong emotions like fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, depression, and more. When patients complete an evidence-based treatment for PTSD, a big focus is helping them to rebuild that foundation. Finding some balance in our thinking helps to shift our emotions. Instead of feeling fear, perhaps the fear shrinks and relief shows up. Instead of guilt and shame, perhaps confidence and hope begin to emerge. By doing this work, you are then able to rebuild that foundation. It then becomes the solid foundation on which to continue building your life. I will often hear folks say they feel “sure”, “grounded”, “balanced”, and “confident” as healing takes place.

Resiliency Helps Overcome PTSD

Resilience is the capacity to bounce back from adversity, adapt to change, and maintain a positive outlook despite facing challenges. It is not about erasing the impact of trauma but rather developing the ability to navigate and grow from it. Resilience empowers individuals to regain control over their lives, cultivate inner strength, and create a hopeful future.

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What is Post Traumatic Growth?

Post-traumatic growth refers to positive psychological changes and personal growth that can occur in the aftermath of experiencing a traumatic event or adversity. It is the idea that individuals can undergo significant psychological, emotional, and sometimes even spiritual development as a result of navigating and coping with trauma. Post-traumatic growth is my favorite part of my job, it’s why I do what I do and love it so much. Here are a few key elements of post-traumatic growth that show up in my patients as they navigate through the treatment process.

PTSD Treatment offers a change in perspective.

Following a traumatic event, some individuals may experience a shift in their worldview or belief systems. This is a major area all top PTSD treatments target and can lead to a greater appreciation for life, a reevaluation of values and priorities, and an increased understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.

There is often an increase in positive relationships.

Recovery from PTSD can prompt individuals to find value in their relationships and seek deeper, more meaningful connections with others. It can lead to improved communication skills, increased empathy, and a greater sense of social support. Nurturing a supportive network is essential in sustaining resilience after PTSD treatment. You can learn to surround yourself with understanding friends, family members, or support groups who can provide ongoing encouragement, empathy, and validation. Sharing your experiences with those who genuinely care can create a sense of belonging and remind you that you are not alone.

There is often a tremendous awareness of personal strength.

Many people discover inner reservoirs of strength and resilience they didn’t know they had when faced with adversity. This newfound sense of personal strength can empower individuals to overcome challenges and tackle life’s difficulties with a more determined attitude.

An awareness of new possibilities.

PTSD often limits us and keeps us stuck. Going through effective treatment can spark a process of reevaluation and self-discovery, leading to the exploration of new goals, interests, and pathways. Individuals may develop a stronger sense of purpose and a willingness to take risks to pursue their aspirations.

There is often spiritual growth.

During and after PTSD treatment, there is often a deepening of their spiritual or philosophical beliefs. There are many ways in which spiritual growth can take place, such as  mindfulness practices, including meditation or yoga, to foster relaxation and self-awareness. Taking care of yourself holistically reinforces your resilience and supports long-term healing.

There is often a greater appreciation for life  after PTSD Treatment.

Patients who go through effective treatment often report a heightened sense of gratitude for the simple pleasures and moments in life. They may develop a greater awareness of the value of each day and find joy in the present moment.

It’s important to note that post-traumatic growth doesn’t negate the challenges and pain associated with trauma. Rather, it represents a way in which individuals can find meaning, purpose, and positive change in the aftermath of traumatic experiences. Post-traumatic growth looks different for everyone. The common theme is that folks can once again see possibilities, options, and hope for the future instead of the stuck-ness of PTSD.

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The Journey to Recovery From PTSD

Completing PTSD treatment marks a significant milestone on the journey to recovery. It is a chance to take time to acknowledge and celebrate your progress. To reflect on the challenges you have overcome, the lessons you have learned, and the personal growth you have experienced. Recognizing your resilience in seeking help and working through therapy can provide a sense of empowerment and motivation for the road ahead.

Rediscover Your Strength and Resilience with the Help of Online PTSD Treatment in Ohio, Kentucky, and New York!

The journey through PTSD treatment is a path towards rediscovering one’s strength, resilience, and hope. While this disorder can be isolating and debilitating, seeking treatment is a powerful act of courage that can lead to profound transformation. Through evidence-based therapies, individuals with PTSD can rebuild the foundation of their lives, restoring balance, confidence, and a sense of groundedness. Moreover, the journey doesn’t end with treatment; it extends into the realm of post-traumatic growth. This process can spark a shift in perspective, deepen relationships, reveal inner strength, and open up new possibilities for a brighter future.

The scars of trauma may never fully fade, but they can serve as a testament to your resilience and capacity for growth. Remember, completing PTSD treatment is a significant milestone, a celebration of progress, and a reminder of the strength within you. As you continue on your path to healing, cultivating healthy coping strategies and embracing the support of others will help sustain your resilience and fortify your newfound sense of hope. PTSD does not have to be a life sentence; it can be a chapter in your story of triumph over adversity.

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