Trauma Therapy: Cognitive Processing Therapy

As a specialist in PTSD, one of the therapies I use in my practice is Cognitive Processing Therapy, or CPT. CPT is evidence-based, meaning it has been researched and shown to be effective in treating PTSD. It is a 12-session weekly individual therapy structured to provide you the most relief from your symptoms. As the title suggests, “cognitive” is just a fancy word for thoughts. This therapy focuses on how your past trauma(s) have affected how you think. In turn, these thoughts then impact how you feel and how you behave. CPT focuses on identifying those thoughts that are keeping you stuck, which we will call “stuck points.” We will then work to learn tricks and tools to evaluate those stuck points and think in more balanced and self-enhancing ways.

Please check out the video below to hear a description of CPT, who it may be best for, and how it works.

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