Self-Care Sunday: Good Deed

Hello and happy Sunday! I challenge you to go out and do a good deed today! It can be something for yourself, for another person, for the environment, for your pet, or society as a whole. It can be something big or little. Not only will you create positive change around you, but you’ll feel … Read more

Self-Care Sunday: Yoga

Happy holiday weekend! I hope you get some extra time to recharge and take care of yourself. Today I challenge you to take a yoga class or even do yoga in the comfort of your own home. Yoga has endless benefits for your mind and body. There are many types of yoga, so if you’ve … Read more

Self-Care Sunday: Positive Self-Talk

Today I want you to try to be nice to yourself. Yes, really. We tend to hold ourselves to higher standards than we do everyone else. We also tend to be less forgiving of our own shortcomings, mistakes, and flaws. Have you ever lost sleep over something that already happened? Ruminating on what you could … Read more

Self-Care Sunday: Get Outside

Hello and happy Sunday! I hope that this blog post finds you doing well. Today I challenge you to get up and get OUT! Literally! Try going for a walk on your street, taking a walk in the woods, or just finding a spot outside to sit and watch what’s going on around you. Being … Read more

Self-Care Sunday: Music

If you have been feeling down, sad, or anxious, music can be very powerful in invoking new, positive emotions and can help you to  feel better. This can be particularly helpful if dealing with PTSD symptoms and helping you to practice self-care.

Self-Care Sunday: Say “No.”

I’ve learned that sometimes some of the best self-care is to protect ourselves by protecting our time, our energy, our schedule, our health, our sanity, is to recognize your own limits and to get ok with saying no. You may just find out you get to say “yes!” to things that are most meaningful to you in your life. 

Self-Care Sunday: Breathe

Today we are going to focus on the breath. So simple, so basic, but so important. There are a bazillion breathing exercises to find online, in a yoga class, or in a book, but today we’re going to keep it simple. We are just going to focus on two things: breath and sensation. You need no special tools, just yourself and your lungs. Don’t forget your lungs.

Self-Care Sunday: Gratitude

Happy woman with her arms raised above her head. Practice being grateful on a daily basis. Learn these self-care strategies online in Ohio and Kentucky.

For Self-Care Sunday, today we focus on Gratitude. Gratitude is a game changer. This little practice alone is shown to improve mood, decrease depression, and have lasting positive effects. This is helpful if you have PTSD or not.

Self-Care For Trauma Therapists

Woman works at a pottery wheel crafting with clay. Being a therapist can be an emotionally demanding and draining job. Learn self-care strategies here.

I don’t know about you, but the past couple of years have kicked my ass and self-care strategies have not been a priority. It’s been a ride, right? By the time you factor in the threat of COVID-19, a change in home responsibilities, figuring out how to run a practice online, 4 kids and their … Read more