Self-Care Sunday: Good Deed

Hello and happy Sunday!

I challenge you to go out and do a good deed today! It can be something for yourself, for another person, for the environment, for your pet, or society as a whole. It can be something big or little. Not only will you create positive change around you, but you’ll feel great about yourself. Doing something for yourself or someone else is sure to boost your mood and create a positive ripple effect. Need some ideas? Here’s a few:

for yourself:

  • take a walk

  • meditate

  • do yoga

  • watch a favorite movie

  • treat yourself to your favorite coffee

for another person:

  • smile

  • hold a door

  • let someone merge in front of you in traffic

  • pay for someone‚Äôs food behind you in line

  • write a thank-you card (and mail it)

  • sincerely compliment someone

  • make a meal for a neighbor

for the environment:

  • recycle

  • plant a tree

  • pick up litter

  • change light bulbs to more efficient ones

  • bike or take public transportation, even if it’s just every once in a while

for your pet:

  • walk your dog

  • buy them a special treat at the pet store

  • spend extra time petting your dog or cat

  • adopt from a local animal rescue

for society as a whole:

  • donate blood

  • donate to a local food pantry or homeless shelter

  • volunteer your time

  • donate school supplies

  • make eye-contact

  • be kind

  • smile

Whatever it is that you choose to do, my hope is that you notice the immediate benefits as you create positive change in your world. I’d love to hear examples of good deeds you’ve done!

Take care,